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Sports liberated ipad ft

Sports Liberated’s free women’s sport lifestyle magazine app campaign has launched! The support after day one is humbling – thank you. Let’s do this! #womeninsport @kickstarter

Who wants thought-provoking, feel-good, soul-searching, wince-inducing, inspiring, laugh-out-loud, absorbing content on women’s sporting lives? You do…

Heather Watson

The best, worst, funniest, oddest tweets from the world of women’s sport (yes, there’s lots of football, natch)

In the physio room at Wimbledon, a World Cup player comes back down to earth with a bump and an emotional mum we go behind the scenes with the world’s sportswomen

England team ft

England women’s football team enjoy managing the media, including yours truly, at a hilarious promotional event #Lionesses

The Lionesses turn the tables on the media with much hilarity

Rafferty selfie with fans

England women’s football team (and others!) are feeling the love ahead of their quarter final clash against home side Canada – it’s our social media round up #womeninsport

Includes the young boy drawing his favoured team formation, the schoolgirl nicknamed the Beast for her awesome strength and a magazine editor wishes he didn’t open his mouth

Sports Liberated clapperboard

Ten ways we’ll take you with us behind the scenes in our women’s sport magazine app #watch

Ten short videos will give you an inkling what to expect from our women’s sport magazine lifestyle app

Amy and Seth

Epic takedown of the magazine editor who said women’s sport was “not worth watching”

Prepare to be amused…

England win

What do you mean you missed England Women’s triumphant knockout match against Norway in Women’s World Cup? Here you go, the highlights for you

If you’re an England fan this is fun, fun, fun. Norway? Not so much

Sarah scissorhands

Happy taps, Sarah scissorhands and the cutest women’s football fan ever – it’s our #womeninsport social media round up

The best, worst, inspiring and hilarious tweets from the world of women’s sport


Got chores to do? Stick on our podcast for chat, laughter and the best of #womeninsport

We talk weight and posture in sport, chat to American sprinter Allyson Felix and Chris laughs at an item Jo always takes to the cinema…

Sports Liberated clapperboard

Please don’t do one of those continuity error things on our crowdfunding movie… you may be some time!

Man is it hard to make a film. We have a newfound respect for film-makers after working on ours.

Norway video

Oh yes Norway – very well done. Hilarious video about #womensfootball

‘My team-mates fell in love with me so I had to switch teams.’ Brilliant

Woman boxing man STK_100439653

‘Blonde German girl threatens to win men’s fencing title,’ said this 1935 newspaper headline. You’ll love the reason why her title was revoked when she did win it, says @jogunston

Only one sport in the London 2012 Olympics featured men and women competing against each other; in 1976 there were three. Are we going backwards? Is there a case for men and women to pitch battle more rather than less?


Ten top tweets from Women’s World Cup #wwc2015 including a Hollywood actor’s epic take down of a Twitter troll

Fans, players, media and Hollywood actors – they’re all getting involved


Craziest cycling podium ever, Ryan Reynolds slam dunks women’s football troll and tragedy hits the European Games – it’s our social media round up #womeninsport

Incredulity as women’s cycle race organisers get it oh so wrong…


Two teenagers on opposite sides of the world will tell you why there’s a need for a women’s sport lifestyle magazine #womeninsport

We need cracking women’s sport stories for the Ruths and Olives of this world…


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