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RADIO SHOW EPISODE 9: Our Aussie guest talks about sport on her side of the world and asks who is this ‘Jess’ of which we speak (24 mins)

The one where Jo ropes in her Antipodean buddy to stand in for regular co-host Charlotte Carrick, Vic talks about Australia’s surprising kids obesity problem, and tells us she is glad the snakes will be sleeping when she takes on an epic charity walk


Five heartwarming sporting moments

Because there’s good things going on in the world


Let’s just politely say Jo doesn’t have the most natural affinity to roller skiing, shall we?

Turns out being a half decent skier doesn’t mean you’ll be any good at roller skiing – the cross-country skiing no-snow alternative as Jo soon found out


Sports Liberated’s gallery revealing the agony, ecstasy and camaraderie of newbie women’s triathlon participants

In deepest darkest Basildon, over 150 participants set off through the Essex countryside in the women-only Triathlon Pink event. For many, it was their first foray into the swim, bike, run affair. No Olympic-size distances were covered but Olympic-size heart most definitely was


Sports Liberated magazine issue 4: Chill out with stunning images from around the globe and kick back with a light-hearted bite-size Commonwealth Games guide

Jaw-dropping images, social media-adopting team success stories, a flag-waving event preview, a life story in quotes and Sports Liberated attends the most quintessentially English event ever


Play like a girl takes on a whole new meaning in this thought-provoking, two-million-hits ad #playlikeagirl

We’d mention that we came up with this concept six months ago but we won’t


How to get ridiculously excited about men in lycra cycling up a hill: Tour de Yorkshire 2014, Cote de Bradfield

Dancing bananas, giant wine bottles, week old babies, balancing on dry stone walls, and hilariously lost friends… and that was all before the cyclists arrived. Welcome to the Tour de France, Sheffield style

Sports Liberated magazine (‘Tis free!)


We find nattily dressed dogs at the Hyde Park triathlon, start crying when we’re taught to play polo, and attend a women’s sport event with the movers and shakers in the industry


Download Sports Liberated digital magazine and lose yourself in emotive, inspiring, laugh-out-loud, feel-good, frown-inducing, tub-thumping women’s sporting lives


Breathing life and liberty into women’s sports.

Sports Liberated radio show


RADIO SHOW EPISODE 8: ‘I’ve never heard that story before, I love it,’ Jo tells her dad when interviewing him for this week’s show on a father’s influence on sporty daughters (1 hour)

The one where Charlotte challenges her dad on his interest in women’s sport, and how one sporting father’s disgruntlement resulted in his daughter becoming an Olympian


RADIO SHOW EPISODE 7: ‘You’ve got a problem with Kylie Minogue this week haven’t you Jo?’ challenges Charlotte

The one with the controversial pop video, Charlotte voices her disappointment at basketball’s drop in funding and Jo giggles at her rather lacklustre school sports experiences

Jo blogs

Messing about on the river: a photo gallery featuring Henley Women’s Regatta #HWR14

What’s not to like about lolling about in glorious sunshine and hanging out with your mates?

Behind the scenes with a disappointed but philosophical England women’s hockey team

Guest post by Sarah Juggins: England retain their sense of humour despite poor performance

Are we really still using tired old cliches in World Cup advertising campaigns

A wife’s note left for her husband shows the humour advertisers should be using


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