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‘I don’t like sponsors, I don’t like people telling me what to do so I do it all myself,’ says record-breaking teen sailor

Fancy joining us and be inspired by feisty Laura Dekker who most definitely lives life on her own terms? Then have a listen to her TedXYouth talk


Come on kids, put some welly into it. Hmm, not sure taekwondo bouts are particularly known for bursts of giggling during fights…

Wouldn’t it be great if sport was always this fun!


Stunning hypnotic dance routine with out of this world light display. Gorgeous

Sit back and chill with this unique performance

Sports Liberated magazine


Issue 3 Online May 19 2014

The most inspiring, moving, frustrating, uplifting, irritating, feel-good, go-getting stories about the planet’s coolest women in sport

Sports Liberated radio show


RADIO SHOW EPISODE 6: ‘It’s pretty difficult for us to discuss as we don’t wear these things.’ Details, details – Jo and Charlotte plough on regardless and discuss head coverings (30 mins)

The one with a football match played in Ugg boots, and the duo laugh at Facebook group, ‘You know you’re a British basketball player when…’


RADIO SHOW EPISODE 5: “I don’t do ballet any more as I’ve got way more homework,” nine-year-old schoolgirl tells us (1 hour)

The one with an interview with a six-year-old, nine-year old and their mum, how to balance a medical degree with netball training, and the ladies are baffled by Charlotte’s upcoming Olympic sport trial

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Heartache (literally) and figure skating – the story behind GB’s Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland

The Brits talked to Sports Liberated about their telepathic relationship, trying not to look stupid in galas, and how they coped after a heart defect is revealed


The uprising of women’s sport bloggers and websites has begun but who are they? @Sportsister @SpikesandHeels @WSnet to name but a few

Following the Guardian’s 50 most influential women in British sport, Sports Liberated brings you the less influential but determined few


Heartwarming, inspiring and frustrated sport tweets from International Women’s Day

GB Paralympic gold for sportswoman on today of all days, the power of social media, the next generation will make you smile and a life-changing sport story

Jo blogs

Has Kylie jumped convincingly onto one bandwagon only to fall off another?

We don’t usually say anything bad about Kylie so I’ll whisper this… I think she’s got it wrong

An impassioned tweet I sent was prompted by inspiring women-led sport documentaries

One was from a firebrand ‘I’ll live life my way, thanks’ teen and solo sailor Laura Dekker

Scanning the room at the awards ceremony I realised it was still very much a man’s world

Until long-serving BBC sports broadcaster Sybil Ruscoe put things in perspective


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