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An ode to Lance Armstrong #sportpoem #cycling @bbcsportsday

Incensed by the eventual admission by ‘legendary’ cyclist and cancer survivor of years of cheating in his sport, Sports Liberated used prose to vent frustration…


Ever wondered what it’s like to be an extreme skier? Wonder no more… #sportsvideo

Candide Thovex uploads a video follow-up to 1.5 million YouTube hit ‘One of Those Days’ ski movie with nattily titled ‘One of Those Days 2′

Pic by Kostenko Maxim

A piano-playing martial artist and a basketball-playing footballer are just two sportswomen featured on this new weekly UK-US #podcast collaboration

News, views, interviews and laughter, brought to you by Chris Stafford in the US and Jo Gunston in the UK


18 enlightening (and funny) tweets about the #thisgirlcan campaign

Out of all the inspiring, positive quotes can’t help but giggle about the lady and the glass of wine


10 predictions for headline-making British sportswomen in 2015

Yes, it’s the kiss of death for those selected by Sports Liberated for sporting success this year


Former gang members escape a life of violence through sport #feature

A sporting sanctuary provides a just a little peace


No, Seb, please don’t. I really don’t want Seb Coe to run for IAAF president and here’s why #joblogs

A cringe-worthy meeting with Seb Coe I’ll never live down

Bite size


Five heartwarming sporting moments #sportsvideo

Because there’s good things going on in the world not just the crud


Emotional women-only triathlon #sportsphotography

No Olympic-size distances but Olympic-size heart in abundance


Play like a girl takes on a whole new meaning in this thought-provoking, two-million-hits ad #playlikeagirl

We’d mention that we came up with this concept six months ago but that would be churlish

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Forty-year-old supermum Jo Pavey #interview

The 10,000m European champ on balancing training with school run


‘Jess who?’ asks Aussie guest #radio (24 mins)

Brit London 2012 star, Jess Ennis, is unknown to Aussie sport fan


#JoTries… rollerskiing #sportsvideo

Let’s just politely say Jo doesn’t have the most natural affinity…

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Remembering the OJ Simpson verdict #joblogs

I observed local reaction while in the area during the notorious case


How to get ridiculously excited about men in lycra cycling up a hill #joblogs

Welcome to the Tour de France, Sheffield style

Currys advert

Are we really still using tired old cliches in World Cup advertising campaigns? #joblogs

A wife’s note left for her husband shows the humour advertisers should be using

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