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Rona in training for one of her many charity adventures

Surprise entrant voted on to calendar

Unknown volunteer beats world and Olympic champs to win coveted place


Forty-year-old supermum Jo Pavey #interview

The 10,000m European champ on balancing training with school run


Remembering the OJ Simpson verdict #joblogs

I observed local reaction while in the area during the notorious case


‘Jess who?’ asks Aussie guest #radioshow (24 mins)

Brit London 2012 star, Jess Ennis, is unknown to Aussie sport fan


Five heartwarming sporting moments #video

Because there’s good things going on in the world not just the crud


#JoTries… rollerskiing #video

Let’s just politely say Jo doesn’t have the most natural affinity…


Agony and ecstasy in women-only triathlon #photogallery

No Olympic-size distances but Olympic-size heart in abundance

Jo blogs

Messing about on the river: a photo gallery featuring Henley Women’s Regatta #HWR14

What’s not to like about lolling about in glorious sunshine and hanging out with your mates?

Behind the scenes with a disappointed but philosophical England women’s hockey team

Guest post by Sarah Juggins: England retain their sense of humour despite poor performance

Are we really still using tired old cliches in World Cup advertising campaigns

A wife’s note left for her husband shows the humour advertisers should be using

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