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Enough! You keep toying with taking an adventurous break, now’s the time to sort it with these 10 cracking ideas from @explorerstweet

From kayaking through London at night to joining a like-minded soul at an adventure festival in the desert, it’s time to get out there and do something less boring instead

Pic credit: B Stefanov

Episode 10: We chat to a ski journo about Lindsey Vonn’s record-breaking season

Also American Footballer Melinda Sparks tell us why she started the Orlando Anarchy team and British short track speed skater Charlotte Gilmartin chats to us about her season


The best moments in women’s sport last week including this week’s ‘hug an athlete’

Standing ovations at the tennis, reality checks at the skiing, a confidence boost on the ocean waves, and a very sad gymnast and skater


Two epic gymnastics fails… including my own #joblogs

Even the coach is shocked by his gymnast’s epic fails


Swan Lake like you’ve never seen it before. Seriously mind-blowing

Sit back and relax and be amazed


66 women’s sport connoisseurs – yes, there are that many

This lot know their onions when it comes to women’s sport


Why wouldn’t you try an ironman when you’re paralysed, asks Karen Darke

Karen decided to try and find her own limits… and beyond

Bite size


Ever wondered what it’s like to be an extreme skier? Wonder no more… #sportsvideo

Candide Thovex uploads a video follow-up to 1.5 million YouTube hit ‘One of Those Days’ ski movie with nattily titled ‘One of Those Days 2′


18 enlightening (and funny) tweets about the #thisgirlcan campaign

Out of all the inspiring, positive quotes can’t help but giggle about the lady and the glass of wine


10 predictions for headline-making British sportswomen in 2015

Yes, it’s the kiss of death for those selected by Sports Liberated for sporting success this year

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Loafing lounge

Pic by Kostenko Maxim

EPISODE 7: We chat to the brains behind #thisgirlcan

Ruth Holdaway tells us what’s next for the campaign


PODCAST EPISODE 5: ‘I ran 94 marathons in 89 days… across Africa’

And Emma Timmis doesn’t even listen to music

Pic by Kostenko Maxim

PODCAST EPISODE 4: ‘I’m just a teenage racing driver, baby’

Bryony King, the 16-year-old speed freak

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