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Karen Darke tests life’s limits to the max

Horrific injuries will not curtail Karen’s limits, but what are those limits? She’s still finding out


Those cretinous football fans…

The football fans you rarely hear about but should because they give you the feels.


Laura Trott is gold to interview as well as on the track

I interviewed Laura Trott a few years ago and we giggled about which sport she could take up after cycling so she could keep winning golds!


Jo tries… stand-up comedy

I got some sport jokes in there, obvs


‘One Night in 2012’: A review

Remember that summer night ahead of London 2012 when we all smiled and felt at one with the world? Relive that with this BBC documentary taking you behind the scenes of the opening ceremony

Double Downies

The best of June’s sport social media so far

From Double Downies and Brownlees to triple runners; to heartbreak and despair, to romance and rain

Play like a girl poem

‘You play like a girl’ by Jo Gunston #worldpoetryday

It’s World Poetry Day so what better time to dust off this little ditty

Afghan Cricket Club ft

Afghan Cricket Club: Out of the Ashes #sportdocumentary

As Afghanistan continue to make strides into the world game, this film documents their inspiring beginnings

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova and one almighty pickle

Oh Maria, the woman who micromanages every aspect of her career is in a right old muddle

Hayley ft image

My mate Hayley, the associate director on the Super Bowl halftime show

When you’re back in touch with an old friend after thirty years and ask the question, ‘So what are you up to?’


A chance meeting with a revered sports photographer had me beaming

It was all down to a dog-eared, windswept sign on a hut in a remote village in Derbyshire that I got to meet one of my sport photographer hero’s Eileen Langsley

Stacey Francis

11-year-old netball fan poses questions to Superleague stars Sasha Corbin, Georgia Lees and Stacey Francis

Lucy Davis finds out about training regimes, what it’s like to play in front of large crowds and England international Sasha Corbin gives her a sneaky heads up…

Britain’s Tim Peake, European Space Agency astronaut, in training for the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon on 24 April 2016. Tim’s six month mission on the International Space Station begins on 15 December 2015.

Picture Bob Martin for Virgin Money London Marathon

This picture may only be used with permission from Penny Dain at London Marathon

Oh you know, the day I interviewed an astronaut… AN ASTRO-FLAMING-NAUT

A lesson in taking opportunities when they arise, says Jo Gunston

Carissa Moore

The best way EVER to win a world surfing title

When winning your third world title just gets better and better


A lesson in humility from Sonny Bill Williams

It’s not just about giving the kid his medal, writes Jo Gunston