Above and beyond and the best reason for doing a marathon ever

“Some of the first to help victims had just completed running for four hours and then turned around and triaged amputees. Others continued to run to the hospital to donate blood.”

Sir Richard Branson, whose Virgin Group sponsored the London Marathon, commenting on the overwhelming response by Boston marathon runners caught up in the bomb on Monday April 15 2013. Branson’s company donated £2 for every runner who finished the race, which took place six days after the atrocity, to the victims of the Boston Marathon

“It’s much better than washing up.”
The reason for 72-year-old Rusty’s first marathon, just prior to pounding the streets of the 2013 London event with 37,000 others 

“Maybe I’ll knock on the door and say happy birthday,” says Tatyana McFadden, the American winner of the London marathon wheelchair race who shared a birthday on the day of the race, with the Queen.
“Well her house is right there,” says presenter John Inverdale.
“The big house at the end,” says John, indicating the imposing Buckingham Palace at the race finish
April 21 2013

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