Slow but sure Middle East progress…


Saudi Arabian women are set to be allowed into soccer stadiums for the first time, in separate sections, but it’s a start. It would be nice to think London 2012 helped influence the decision – women from Saudi Arabia were allowed to compete in an Olympic Games for the first time – but the general consensus is that the increased dosh from gate receipts is more likely. There’s a way to go yet, though. Women are not allowed to drive in the kingdom with one blogger reporting that the Saudi Grand Mufti expressed concern that: “Women driving would lead to more accidents. When women are in danger, they don’t know how to act. How are they going to deal with accidents?” Via The Jerusalem Post


A former volleyball star and her partner have been found murdered having been missing for two weeks. Three men have been arrested over the deaths of 35-year-old Dutch woman Ingrid Visser and her boyfriend Lodewijk Severein, 57, whose bodies were found in a lemon grove in Spain. It is thought a business deal turned sour. Via Reuters

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