Humorous yet pertinent signs…


Over-enthusiastic parents have been gently ribbed via notices displayed on sports fields in a Chicago suburb. The following is an extract via Yahoo! Eurosport

This is a game being played by children.
If they win or lose every game of the season, it will not impact what college they attend or their future income potential.
Referees, umpires and officials are human and make mistakes, just like players, coaches and you. No one shouts at you in front of other people when you make a mistake, so please don’t yell at them.

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia has opened a women’s sports centre for the first time. The centre has not been named by Saudi newspaper Al Watan daily, presumably due to potential reprisals, but it’s a massive step forward all the same.


“I was bullied and forced into a fake marriage,” says Canadian-born French taekwondo Olympic bronze medalist Marlene Harnois. Desperate to compete in the London Games Harnois put up with the alleged abuse from her coach Myriam Baverel, whom she accuses of making her marry so that she could represent France. Harnois’ former husband backs up the claim. Via

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