A brave attempt, a heart-breaking accident…


Loving Australian endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel’s attempt to swim the most difficult open-water route in the world between Cuba and the US. The 28-year-old was aiming to become the first person to swim the shark and jellyfish-invested route without a shark cage. However, 11 hours into the 60-hour swim Chloe had to retire due to a debilitating sting – better a jellyfish than a shark munch, I say.


A British rally driver has died after a head-on collision on day 16 of the 33-day Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Emma Wilkinson was on a highway east of Moscow when the driver of the oncoming vehicle fell asleep at the wheel, killing themselves and a two-month old baby as well as the mother of two. Emma’s driving partner Peter Davies escaped with minor injuries.

Good riddance to former University of Utah swim coach Greg Winslow. Despite news the 38-year-old won’t face charges for allegedly abusing a teenage girl he coached six years ago, the university has opted not to renew his contract and is carrying out its own investigation based on various allegations by the parents of several swimmers. One alleges Winslow once forced a team member to swim under water with his hands tied until he blacked out.

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