A random career path for a former cheerleader…


A former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles has chosen a most random career path and is now an army intelligence officer who has completed two tours in Afghanistan. Rachel Washburn traded in her pom poms for hard-core weaponry but it is her work attached to a special ops unit with the express purpose of engaging local women that has won her plaudits. Via Eurosport.yahoo.com

Luverly news that London 2012 Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis is pregnant with her first child. Despite the news being “a surprise” the Team GB athlete is determined to defend her title come Rio 2016.

The US delegation for the Sochi Winter Olympics includes two openly gay sportswomen as their representatives. Legendary tennis player Billie Jean King and two-time ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow will be part of the group who represent America at the opening and closing ceremonies. Russian president Vladimir Putin passed a law in June prohibiting ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors’ to which the choice of delegates is no doubt a statement but, Cahow told USA Today, ‘it is an incredibly respectful one’.


The sewage problem in the waters surrounding Rio ahead of the Olympic Games in two and half years is causing great concern even now for the water-based participants. British sailors in particular are worried about falling ill when training there.

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