As I researched women’s wintersport photos my eyes got wider and wider

So I was looking for women’s wintersport photos on a photo library site.

I wanted gritty, I wanted fierce, I wanted, ‘I’m going to win at all costs, suckers, just you watch’.

Or not.

Maybe what I really wanted was a topless woman strategically holding skis in front of her moguls.

Women-wintersport-pics-01Or maybe a lady who clearly has no intention of skiing anywhere with her immaculate hair, which, within seconds of movement would no doubt become inextricably tangled with her goggles/zip/mouth, leaving her gagging on the strands as they wrap around her tonsils.


No need for thermals for this hardy lass.


Not much luck so far, maybe I’ll try an illustration. Oh.

Just focus on ski gear, perhaps…


Yeah, okay I’m done.

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