An ode to Lance Armstrong

There once was a cyclist named Lance
A legend he became in the Tour de France
But copious drugs he did take
The results he did fake
Leading the world on a merry dance

But Oprah, I did not cheat
Seven tours an incredible feat
Everyone was doing the same
I’m not solely to blame
It’s not just me who should be beat

But what of those you dragged down?
The innocents who looked at you with a frown
Brave to speak out
You did nothing but pout
Going out of your way to run them out of town

Exclusion from sport a death sentence, you cry
Unfair, unwarranted, how will you get by?
Not a thought for those lives you’ve impacted
Leaving people broken and fractured
You hung them out to dry

And so to you Lance I do say
You’ve left a cycling fan in dismay
A consequence of your actions
True heroes lost by your distractions
I hope your sport recovers from you one day

By Jo Gunston
May 2013

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