Turns out when you interview your dad you find out some really cool stuff #joblogs

So for one of our Sports Liberated radio shows, Charlotte Carrick and I discuss the importance of the influence of dad’s on their daughters when it comes to sport.

Both coming from sporty families we decide to interview our own dads. Talking to a parent in an interview/interviewee environment brings a whole other dimension to a familial conversation and I found out some pretty interesting things. Conversely, my dad was surprised at some of my observations and those of my younger sister and mum who I’d interviewed in previous episodes.

One story in particular stood out. My dad was recalling the first football match he’d been to with his dad. It was a Derby County game and it was at the time when spectators stood in the stands – not the all-seater stadiums prevalent today. The town’s industry then was mining, and because he was only seven-years-old and really small, the miners lay their hard hats on the ground so he could stand on them to watch his team.

This gem of a story was new to me but gave me a lovely insight into my dad and grandad. We also talked about his having three daughters and whether, prior to having kids, he’d imagined kicking a football about with a son, something I’d never asked him before. His answer was moving.

The ‘Fathers’ radio show will air on SportsLiberated.com this week

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