Comment: Has pop poppet Kylie Minogue jumped convincingly onto one bandwagon only to fall off another?

Kylie, Kylie, what are you doing?

The highly successful pop poppet has combined explicit video footage in a gym environment with her new music video for ‘Sexercise’, and no I’m not showing it here but wait a bit and read the rest of this before you dash off to YouTu.. hello? HELLO?

For those still with me Ms Minogue writhes around semi-clad on medicine balls, lays spread-eagled on a vault and bounces provocatively in heels while wearing a barely-there leotard.

Very much in the Wrecking Ball sphere of shocking, in an era where some young girls need persuading to continue sport after hitting self-conscious teens, I’m not entirely sure this helps.

So thanks for taking the sexualisation of sport to an entirely new level Kylie. I understand the entertainment industry is an entirely different beast, currently in the throes of pushing the boundaries of explicit footage to new levels, but can you leave sport out of it please.

The Everyday Sexism Project

The Everyday Sexism project, a twitter feed started by one woman fed up with seemingly minor derogatory comments every day, posted them online and has now snowballed to 130,000 followers, women and men with their own tales of everyday sexism.

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