Video: 9 ground-breaking gymnastics floor routines

1972 – Pixie-like Olga Korbut woos the world at the Munich Olympic Games

1983 – Traditionally balletic from Russia’s Olga Mostepanova at the World Championships

1985 – Twee work from Russia’s Oksana Omelianchik at the World Championships

1987 – Body popping from Romania’s Camelia Voinea at World Championships

1990 – Innovative style from Svetlana Boginskaya at the European Championships

1993 – Drama from Canada’s Stella Umeh at the World Championships

2004 – Elegance and dynamism from China’s Cheng Fei at Athens Olympics

2014 – A new direction from America’s Lloimincia Hall?

How a gymnast’s style can change dramatically as they mature, featuring Romania’s Daniela Silivas as an example

During 1985 European championship floor final

During 1988 Olympic Games


  1. I love these! I don’t know much about gymnastics, although I always try to watch it when it’s on TV; I remember seeing some of Omelianchik’s routines during the mid 80s and being enthralled – she has such musicality and originality and seemed to defy the laws of science. Thanks so much for posting. Made my day!

    • Glad you like it and even better that you’re not necessarily a big gymnastics fan. Omelianchik was original wasn’t she? Who’d have thought you could make up a sensational routine to what is effectively birds tweeting! Thanks for your comments.

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