Tough bike messengers beaten by girl from North Carolina

When a PR agency contacts you asking if you want to come down and cover an unusual bike race and would you want to take part, I’d say it’s probably best to check the details before replying, ‘Absolutely, this looks so cool’, before adding, ‘I’m not very good on a bike but what the heck’.

Turns out, said bike race, the Red Hook Crit (sponsored by Rockstar Games, natch) which takes place for the first time in London Saturday July 11 2015, is a race which uses track bikes on a Formula One-style road track. Track bikes, I now recall, don’t have brakes, the only way you can slow down is by peddling backwards. To add to the drama the course is full of chicanes, hairpin bends and mad bikers, both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs such as pizza delivery-types and couriers.

The event started in 2008 when David Trimble wanted to do something different for his birthday so invited his mates along who were “alley cat racers, bike messengers” and set up the race in New York and it exploded from there.

The bit we love? The very first race, Trimble invited his sister’s friend, Kacey Manderfield along to the race and, says Trimble, “she ended up embarrassing all of us and winning the race. All these tough bike messengers were racing around the streets at night and this girl from North Caroline comes and wins”.

“I happened to stumble in to the first Red Hook Crit in 2008 and I’ve followed it around from there,” says the now the race director of the women’s race Manderfield.

The event has been so successful that it’s gone global taking in Italy and Spain and now London. Being described as ‘badass’ and ‘crazy’ and uninsurable is just like a rad rag to a bull for these loons, which now apparently, includes me…


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