An Ode to Scotland Rugby

Jo at Aus v Scotland rugby

An English Ode to Scotland Rugby

Oh Scotland, if only you’d know
The delight you gave fans in oh such a show

If you could have seen many an England fan
Supporting the Scots down to the last man

Did you hear Twickenham, home of your foes
Singing your name down to the last throes?

There is a side note, to which I now confess
My quarter-final ticket I struggled to care less

My England team were long gone and I was still in a pout
This quarter-final match would be a dull Aussie rout.

My Aussie companion who’d kindly got me the ticket
Had been told I’d be neutral while he cheered on his team’s spirit

But right from the start,
You had my sporting-upset heart

Flower of Scotland I did sing,
(At least the words I knew at the beginning)

During the game my Aussie pal slunk further into his seat
Mistakes from his team meant they were staring at defeat

Ten minutes from the end,
The mist did descend,

The rain started to fall
Perfect conditions for Thistles all

The Scots were ahead,
A semi-final berth about put to bed

‘I can’t believe this is happening!’ shouted a delirious Scot
Beyond excited and losing the plot

Minutes later, a controversial call
An Aussie penalty, and the Scots did fall

‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ mumbled the crestfallen Scot
Beyond devastated and struggling with his lot

My Aussie pal had risen with the match crescendo
His under-the-cosh team showing much needed bravado

But Scotland Rugby you should know
That despite such a hammering blow

Walking away from the game
Crowds were singing your name

Thrilled at your fight
Fans from all nations buzzed with delight

And despite disappointing referee calls, your captain laid down the law
‘We had our chances, we should have made it sure’

And so concluded an ‘I was there day’
With fans weaving through London singing Flower of Scotland all the way.

By Jo Gunston

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