Afghan Cricket Club: Out of the Ashes #sportdocumentary

‘Do you think there’s any donkey meat in this?’ an Afghan cricketer asks his equally bemused team-mate as they approach a buffet table at a World Twenty20 qualifying tournament in Jersey.

This true story of the team’s journey from learniAfghan Cricket Clubng the game on the dusty plains of their homeland to the first match in the green pastures of the Channel Island is an inspiring story of a repressed team fighting against the odds to achieve a dream for themselves, their community and their country.

The kiddy-delight in seeing the sea for the first time, the discomfort of culture’s colliding as they stroll down a UK high street and the ultimate against-all-odds storytelling of the documentary makers, create a truly compelling sporting tale.

Tracing the origins of a sporting moment-in-time, this film deserves a place in the annals of the history of all
sport. I loved it. 7/10

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