‘One Night in 2012’: A review

Jo-in-costume-at-cinemaSo last weekend I dusted off my London 2012 opening ceremony catsuit, slipping into the costume I’d spent so many happy hours in, and headed off… to a cinema in East London.

I’d been invited to the premiere of BBC 1 documentary ‘One Night in 2012’ – a behind the scenes peek look at the opening ceremony – as a thank you for the copious amount of video I provided to the production team.

Having lived down the road from the stadium I’d filmed everything, from the logo-branded BMWs I’d stumbled across in a car park months before the Games to footage of the opening ceremony night itself.

Reliving the night was an absolute pleasure. The ‘Imagine’ production team have put together an emotive, funny, eye-opening film using footage from volunteers, interviewing those who took part, and also, of course, those bigwigs behind the scenes including fab director Danny Boyle and team.

Opening-ceremony-2Want to find out how the Queen got involved? That’s funny. Want to know the biggest, almost catastrophic issue Danny had to deal with? That’s eye-opening and endears you to Danny even more. Want to feel as if you’ve taken part yourself? Just watch.

I did take part and, I swear, this is a great representation of what it was like. Bloody wonderful.

Watch preview clip here: http://bbc.in/29Ba7EH

‘One Night in 2012’ is on BBC 1 Sunday 17 July 2016 and available on the iPlayer after that.

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