Jo and Vic laughingSportsLiberated.com houses super fan Jo Gunston’s little blog of sport stories, alongside posts from like-minded souls.

Jo’s fan’s eye view focuses on the human endeavour, sharing feel-good stories and laugh-out-loud moments, commenting on eyebrow raising incidents, collating the best and worst from social media, and writing the odd poem – you heard.

Jo particularly focuses on sport interviews, sport travel, adventure documentary reviews and short sport videos.

Once a gymnast, now a journo, forever a fan, Jo agrees with this famous philosopher:

“Sometimes a different point of view is enough.”

Meet Jo.

Jo is… aware what it’s like to have an epic fail while competing… it’s okay, she was fine

… passionate about sport

… a keen volunteer at events

On a two week Easter break from university Jo donned a shellsuit in the name of volunteering at the World Gymnastics Championships in Birmingham. Note her uncanny ability to look like she’s unaware she’s being filmed…

… a stuntperson in a film – an awful film but still

Can you spot the seamless link between Jo and the actress in the straight-to-video Bull Dance? Genius

… sports mad, as confirmed by a former England football manager
Jo-&-Terry-Venables“You’re here on your own? Come here you nutter,” so said Terry Venables to Jo prior to England’s quarter-final match against the hosts, Portugal, at Euro 2004. Her mates didn’t fancy a two-week holiday at a football tournament so she just went alone.

… easily distracted
Jo-changing-F1-tyre-1Out for lunch with the family Jo seized on the opportunity to change a Formula 1 tyre despite wearing a posh frock. A competition to change the tyre the quickest, she tried not to show disappointment at being teamed with the old fella and his grandson.

… not to be crossed where sport is concerned
Jo-Hewitt-vs-Roddick“You looked so innocent,” said a fellow fan who’d also waited seven hours for tickets to the 2005 Australian Open men’s semi final. Jo had lost patience and took on the ticket touts. Did she get in? What do you think? This is her, here – honest.

… never gives up where sport is concerned!

Opening ceremony pic 01Despite two auditions, two months before the London 2012 Olympics Jo was still a reserve for the opening ceremony. She had to get in, so she did, by writing casting a poem…

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  1. awesome

  2. Awesome!

  3. I’d like to be able to see the rest of the beam routine…ouch..but weren’t we well trained to ‘get on with it’! A x

    • Erm, the rest of the beam routine showed me finish with the dismount and then promptly burst out crying in a not very heroic way! May just put that bit up too.

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