My Olympic Odyssey (Part 14): My top 10 moments

Jo attended 19 events at the London Olympics and five Paralympics and was also part of the opening ceremony. Amongst the unforgettable sporting drama it was a romantic gesture that topped it all.

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 13): Athletes’ parade

Poor Mo was all mobot-ed out by the time he hit The Mall where Jo and selected guests had been invited to watch Team GB celebrate their achievements

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 12): My Games Maker mum

From having photos taken with a family excited at having spotted their first Games Maker to helping bubbly Brazilian fans wearing masks of the Queen, one London Olympic volunteer reveals her top moments

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 11): Show time

Jo was lucky enough to be part of the London Olympics opening ceremony. Here she reveals what it was like behind the scenes on the big night

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 10): Ceremony rehearsals

An impromptu dance on the Olympic Stadium stage led to a memorable encounter

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 9): Desperate measures

I had to get in… so I got creative and wrote casting a poem

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 8): Ceremony audition 2

My Flashdance dream/nightmare is realised

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 7): Ceremony audition 1

The process begins for a desperately wanted part at London 2012

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 6): Volunteer interview

Having received no London 2012 event tickets, Jo’s Olympic Odyssey continued with a Games Maker interview

My Olympic Odyssey (Part 5): Ticketing torture

Ticketing torture and funding faux pas, Jo’s Olympic Odyssey started with a flop