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We talk weight and posture in sport, chat to American sprinter Allyson Felix and Chris laughs at an item Jo always takes to the cinema…

Three women, one podcast, one hour, sport… ready… chat

Sports Liberated editor, Jo Gunston, sports journo, Sarah Juggins and podcast host Chris Stafford talk memorable events, embarrassing moments, sportsmanship, gamesmanship and anything else that comes to mind when three women talk sport

Chat with a ski journo about Lindsey Vonn’s record-breaking season (Podcast)

Also American Footballer Melinda Sparks tell us why she started the Orlando Anarchy team and British short track speed skater Charlotte Gilmartin chats to us about her season

I chat to the brains behind #thisgirlcan

Ruth Holdaway tells us what’s next for the campaign

‘I ran 94 marathons in 89 days… across Africa’ (Podcast)

And Emma Timmis doesn’t even listen to music

‘I’m just a teenage racing driver, baby’ (Podcast)

Bryony King, the 16-year-old speed freak

Rugby-coach drama and ice-track tears to cheers (Podcast)

We discuss it all from alpine skiing to golf to windsurfing to netball to figure skating and a whole load more from the week of women’s sport.

From snow queens to ice maidens to never-seen-snow-befores (Podcast)

From snow queen skier Lindsey Vonn to ice maiden skater Elise Christie to never-seen-snow-before netballer Maryka Holtzhausen – we chat about the week’s women in sport

Meet a piano-playing martial artist (Podcast)

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Your own sporting heroes may not necessarily translate worldwide (Podcast)

Brit London 2012 star, Jess Ennis, is unknown to Aussie sport fan